The temperature’s rising across the UK which means our hounds are a risk. Even in the low 20s (degrees C) greyhounds can overheat, and at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees C surfaces such as tarmac and concrete can reach temperatures of 52 degrees C which can burn paws. Here are our tips for looking after your hounds during the hot weather.

  • Walk your hound when it’s cooler; early in the morning or later in the evening;
  • Avoid strenuous games;
  • Ensure your hound has access to clean water at all times – add ice cubes to keep them cool;
  • Keep your hounds out of direct sunlight;
  • Have a paddling pool with cool water in your garden for your hound to play in;
  • Never leave your hound in a car, even with the windows down and in the shade;
  • You can keep your hound cool by dampening its coat, then placing a cool (not very cold) wet towel over it.