Early in 2016, a black greyhound girl was found straying on the A1 and eventually brought to Tia for rehoming. We named her Curley, her notes read ‘fleas and sores’. We knew whose hands she had fallen into from an old advert, a man responsible for many a walking hat-rack arriving at Tia.
When she had recovered, Curley went up for rehoming and went off to live happily ever after with her new family. Atta girl Curley, you deserved a change of luck.
Days after Curley left us (without a backward glance it has to be said!), her daughter was brought in having been found straying. To our surprise she was claimed and had to leave us. That is the law. She looked alright to be fair but we took note of the earmarks etc and that was that.
Curleys daughter turned up again this week after an absence of four years. Her nails and teeth are a disgrace and as you can see she is terrified.
Don’t bother calling Dave, she is staying put. The faster men like you are out of racing the better.