UPDATE…..Leah has found a foster home….

We’re looking to help Leah, a 12-year old greyhound who through no fault of her own is looking for a new home. We really don’t want her to go into kennels. Please see her story below and if you can offer her a home please get in touch; contact Deb on 07974 960684. Let’s find her a loving home to see out her remaining days.


Leah is approx 12 yrs old, and spent 4 years with her previous owner. She’s chipped & spayed and is an ex-racer. She also seems to have been used as a breed bitch. She’s clearly had a hard life .

Her Dad passed away at the start of September and her Mum’s now in a care home. Despite trying their best the family are not able to look after her and have made the heartbreaking decision to find her a new home; they just want her to be happy and loved.

She’s had limited interaction with other dogs but has recently been socialising with 3 German Shepherds and a Mallinois. She wanders round with them, sniffs them & wags her tail… but has no concept of how to play with them or with toys. She will travel in a car but pants heavily when it’s moving. She’s quite nervy, hates loud noises and is not 100% on what stairs are (she has lived in a bungalow). She doesn’t bark but will let you know she wants to go out.

She absolutely loves Potters Malt with cod liver oil, cheese & chicken (and shows this with ‘teeth-chatters’). She’s really happy when she’s had a poo, she’s so pleased with herself. She is house trained but has the odd accident – she’s using puppy pads if she can’t make it outside.

The family have said:

One vet has said she has kidney failure but another tell me it’s very borderline & just to keep her on her Renal food diet (dry) & add a 1/4 boiled chicken breast or a bit of boiled fish to it. She’s odd with food, often doesn’t eat for a day or she’ll have a few mouthfuls then leaves it for a few hours.

She’s on 1 tablet a day for incontinence which works a treat, 1/2 tablet a day for excess protein in her urine (this should be short term I believe) & I have doggy paracetamol for her arthritis / hip displaysia if she needs it, currently on 1/2 tablet a day .

She has the sweetest nature,not a bad bone in her body & just wants to please you. She’s not to bothered about walkies, 1/2hr every couple of days suits her fine. When we visit friends with the German Shepherds she might have a bit of gallop in their huge garden & she’ll run at my side round the garden. Sadly she doesn’t respond to her name so I don’t let her off the lead when we do go out for a walk.


A change in circumstances at the time of life is so difficult for a dog, and moving into kennels after being in a home can really affect their physical and mental health. We really want to find her a loving home so please, if you can help get in touch; contact Deb on 07974 960684..