Koda bear update.
He’s really settled in now – he’s such a good boy! He loves cuddles if you so stroking him he asks for more and takes every opportunity to get his head in your lap for a love.
He is much calmer these days – he doesn’t really react to any other dogs, even if they are barking, which is a huge step for him. He has been meeting lots of other dogs, and is very gentle, even with the little ones or ones he isn’t quite sure what they are. He goes to the shop at work every day and has the retail receptionists wrapped around his little paws, so he gets biscuits and cuddles on demand lol! He still loves his toys and will try to steal babies of the shelves any chance he gets. We let him choose his birthday present a few weeks ago, and he had a very tough choice, but settled on a pink flamingo, which he currently thinks is the best thing ever!!
He’s getting really good at leaving it and will come away from anything when told – even the next door neighbour’s cats. When he first came home, he would lose his mind if he saw one or in their garden, but now he isn’t really interested, and if he does watch them (mainly if they are running up the garden), when told to leave it will stop looking at them and walk away he’s getting really good at recall now too. We are lucky enough to have access to enclosed fields at robs parents, and he loves to play wild chase games with Woody.
His laryngeal paralysis is virtually unnoticeable now, and he happily walks, runs and plays with no trouble.
He’s an absolute gem, and we couldn’t imagine life without him now.
Hopefully we might make it to the summer fair, so will bring him with us if it’s not too warm for a visit, so hopefully see you then!

Emma and Koda xx