Please share for Koda Bear
Auction to raise money towards vet bills. Bidding opens Saturday
At the grand old age of 8, Koda found himself at the wonderful Tia Rescue, looking for a sofa of his own and ready to start his life.
It soon became clear that he had a serious health problem, with even small amounts of exercise causing effort to breathe. Paired with noticeable weight loss,
the vets were concerned that lung cancer was high on the list of possible causes.
Luckily, Koda has now been given hope! After further investigation, he has been diagnosed with laryngeal paralysis – a serious but treatable condition which can be repaired surgically. currently, he is stable and doesn’t require any interventions, although he may require surgery in the future.
Thanks to Tia Rescue and their belief that every animal finding their way into Tia’s care deserves a chance, Koda will now get the chance to live a proper life and learn what it is to be loved.
This auction is to raise money to assist Tia Rescue with their vet bills for Koda and the others in their care. Koda is super smart!! Woody loves doing clicker training (he does all sorts of tricks lol!) and Koda had started coming over to watch and try and get involved bless him. He knows what the clicker is now and does the easy things like ‘touch’ on my hand. He gets so excited when he gets a click once he’s fully recovered we will do a bit more and when he’s settled there’s a lady who runs classes locally for older dogs for socialising and basic training all clicker based – I took woody there a few months after we got him and it really helped him with mixing with non greyhounds, and the trainer is great with them – very patient and understanding.
I have set up a little Facebook auction to raise some money for his vet bills/the rescue and I’m going to see if I can get work to share it on the Facebook page. I’m starting it this Saturday and running it for a week and got some really nice stuff including a commission pet portrait by one of my friends who is an amazing artist, so hopefully, we will raise a decent amount! I’ll let you know how we get on. There are a few more bits to add. I’ll turn comments on Saturday morning so bidding can start.