We love seeing your dogs at Tia Rescue Cafe. All breeds shapes and sizes. Whilst on the premises your dog must be held on a lead at all times by an adult.If in doubt use a muzzle. Safe rather than sorry.
On the subject, remember when adopting a hound, that prey instinct may seem subdued but it will never be completely gone.
A tale of woe from our FB group Tia of Joy
“…. just lost all off the lead privileges. He’s been chasing anyone’s food enjoying the sun and just ran across the main road. I chased him through woods, down a mud slope, through a park, through a car park and across the road. Absolutely soiled myself. He’s never run away like that before and never will again”
Thanking Shanny for modelling the rubber lead, house collar, walking collar and muzzle. All available to buy at Tia Rescue.