Well, what can I say? Finished at 5.30am, moving times 17hrs but then had all the pit stops (9 in total) Absolute rock hard run, 28degrees in the day, I’ve never seen hills like this before… was horrendous and soul destroying. Running through the night was like being in Blair Witch!! It just never stopped, I couldn’t eat, felt sick with 5k to go and let me tell you that 5k felt like 100k all over again. I ran with 3 guys, one was in the zone so took off, the other two pulled out at 50k so I went alone.. tough BUT I DID IT! I just kept thinking about Tia and all those animals that need this money so very much. I am broken, very broken, can’t walk, can’t put my feet on the floor (I have some vile raw fat blisters!!) I’m going into hiding to recover. Thank you to my wife for her massive support all throughout my training and this whole weekend – finishing was very emotional, we both shed tears… and I DO NOT cry!!