It was a Wednesday evening when i got a call from a very upset lady. She knew of a Shire mare that had just gone to the knacker man. The knacker man in question was one, who soon after got into bother for putting horse meat through the food chain.

I’d never been to his place before, although i knew where it was. It was a Thursday and i bought the very sad, scared horse for the meat money. He delivered her to Moorside the next day. “She’s a very lucky horse” he said..”Friday is kill day, you just got her in time”
Mountbarrow Victoria was just 3 years old. She wouldn’t stand for the stallion, she couldn’t, she had a condition called shivers. So she was sent to be killed, still with the yellow industrial tape on her tail where they had held it up.
Jessie is now 10 years old and is happy with her lot out in the field stuffing her face with the other girls.

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