Barnsley Council
Hi Deb & the Tia team,
You may remember 2 and a half year years ago we adopted Steve, the Saluki x Greyhound you rescued and we re-named him Jasper.
After been spoilt rotten for 2 and a half years with us, loving life with lot’s of attention from family, friends & everybody he met on his travels unfortunately on Friday (20th April) after an incredibly short amount of time we found out that he had a large, cancerous tumour on his spline which meant we had to have him put to sleep.
We, his family and friends are absolutely devastated by his loss, but we know that he had the best couple of years we could give him after been rescued by yourselves.  Fortunately, we had just returned from a short break in Northumberland where Jasper got to enjoy Holy Island and a run on the beach.
In the last two and a half years that we have had him he has had lots of love, seen us get married and came with us for our honeymoon to the Lake District.  He also found a friend in our neighbour, helping her during the winter months with depression as she loved to take him out for walks with us.  He will be missed in our little house and in our family a lot.
We want to say a massive thank you for rescuing him, letting us adopt him and for the fantastic work that you all do.  We aren’t quite ready to move on just yet from Jasper, however, we will certainly be coming down over the following few months to walk some beautiful Greyhounds/Lurchers and to see the team.
In time we will hopefully find another amazing rescue from yourselves to fill the empty space on our sofa!
Thank you for everything from, (we have attached a couple of happy memories for you to enjoy ?)
Jasper (formally Steve)
Becki & Gary Doherty.