It’s like the Marie Celeste……
..or Flannon flaming Isle. That’ll take a few of us back. Whilst there is no chance of an untouched meal around here, an over-toppled chair would not look out of place.

A walk around the blocks last night doing checks revealed how fantastic you lot are. I was like a pea on a drum, rattling around with just one packet of biscuits. Rows of empty kennels, like missing teeth in a smile. Frankly, it was horrible and we desperately miss some of the usual suspects, the characters, the boomerang dogs, the family. It makes one realise how tough it must be for families that are separated by this hateful thing. Just as well dogs don’t do Facetime or I would never be off the phone.

Two Poole racers ended up at a vets down south, you might have heard. Thankfully, their euthanasia was prevented by a few phone calls and a Staffie rescue have them safe. The dust-up may prevent the more unscrupulous in the game from trying that move up here. We have excellent contacts and thanks to you guys, we are ready to step up.

It is a bit unnerving to have so many gone, but the staff and I are so grateful to you all. Rogart went out a few days ago, this dog has touched a nerve with us. Best behaviour big lad. Baby Belle and Stilton are packing excitedly. The brother and sister are off on their first-ever holiday at the grand age of 10. They had to be prised from my hands like a toddler’s toy. Oh, and Denahi has gone off too. It really gladdens the heart to know so many are in homes. It must be a paradise for some of them.

James blew it. Again! I must find out how many times he has done this, he must hold the record. We have plenty left by the way, just in case. Anyone up for Spot and Dot? Brenais, Skye?

Through your generosity, the strain has been eased.
Thank you, everybody.

Thank you