So this probably wasn’t what Charles Dickens had in mind when he wrote the first line of ‘A Tale of Two Cities’, but….

Facebook’s a strange place; giving everyone and anyone a voice means you get all kinds of funny people spouting all kinds of rubbish (not on the Tia facebook page of course. Well…. most of the time). It’s easy to forget there are still decent people out there talking sense.

We came across this comment on our facebook page, and it sums up precisely how we feel about greyhound welfare 20 years into the 21st century.

It is a pitiful disgrace that we can put a man on the moon & instantly FaceTime people on the other side of the world; yet, in this day & age, Greyhounds are not provided with the same degree of legal protection, nor expectation of high standards of day to day welfare and veterinary care, given to other breeds of dogs. This is not rocket science – it’s common sense!
Q. When is a “dog not a dog” ? ….
A. When it is a “greyhound”.
It’s about time that things changed …. it’s 2020!