I don’t very often get involved publicly with this stuff. But the Heaton’s kennels are beyond belief.
They have been “looking after” greyhounds like this for the past 24yrs that I know of. I have no idea how long they have been racing greyhounds.
I have had a lot of dogs off them over the years.
The Greyhound Board of Great Britain will try and tell you it’s a one-off, they have fallen on bad times, they will give them money to do up their kennels. It’s not that long ago that they moved here and not only do they race greyhounds now, but the move to these kennels has allowed them to run boarding kennels and breed designer dogs.
They will do anything for money but continually plead poverty.
It has really struck home to me this year that no matter what Tia and other rescues do, that this problem is still massive.
These trainers and others like them are allowed to continue keeping these dogs in these conditions by the GBGB….It is a disgrace.
The stories I could tell….
GBGB licensed kennels   /  Tia Rescue unlicensed rescue kennels.
Still, there isn’t a problem with the racing industry. Is there?