Hi: My name’s Jack
I’m told that I can be a bit ‘energetic’ at times, but that’s just because I’m usually full of life. But just at the moment, I’m feeling pretty sad as are most of my doggy and horse friends.

You see, the humans around here try their best to keep us fed and sheltered, (I especially LOVE sardines – they are my FAVOURITE!), but they have had to close their shops which, they say, brings in most of the money they use to look after us.

I’ve offered to do some work testing food for local bakeries, but apparently, that isn’t allowed even in normal times.

Anyway, it looks like I may have to go on short rations unless you are able to help us. (I’m told that I’m always hungry unless I’m sleeping, and I need my daily digestive biscuit). Don’t forget, every penny, (or biscuit) helps!

I’ve put some details below, (with a bit of help from the humans), in case you are able to help us.

Love & Licks,


You can help us in lots of different ways. You can:

Are there any other ways you can help?
As we all have to deal with a world where less shops are open, we will probably all make more use of on-line shopping then before. But even this can be used to help us without any cost to yourselves.
Many on-line retailers will donate 0.5% to 1% of the net price of a purchase to a charity of your choice at no cost to you. Please check out the retailers below and consider helping us by choosing Tia Rescue as your preferred charity:

Stay safe  Stay in  Sort out
As you all stay safe at home, we know many of you are keeping yourselves busy clearing out wardrobes and cupboards and having declutters in garages and sheds.  Please keep all your much needed donations bagged and ready to drop into your local Tia Rescue charity shop or at the farm when we reopen. Thank you for your ongoing support for the work we do.

Stay safe Stay in and Sort out.

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