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This may be due to our founder loving him to bits, although if the right home came up Debs might be tempted to let him go. Bring cakes.

That was back in 2011, and I didn’t mean it for one minute. Mary Berry couldn’t have got Glen off me and I fell under his spell at first sight. His story is on the sponsors page which we have left up for now for those interested enough to read. Stepping between Glen and his blood chilling end was one of the finest things Tia has ever done. We just wish we could have saved the other two.

Glen slipped through our fingers a few hours ago and if you believe in a Rainbow Bridge he is probably screaming into the distance in the company of Bluebell and his two unfortunate mates. No longer arthritic, free of medication and as blisteringly fast as he was in his prime. Silly stuff we suppose but it helps on this rotten day, together with the stiff drinks his friends and guardians need tonight. Glen has been in our care ever since that incident and has been a model resident. We would like to thank all his sponsors throughout the years, many of whom took the trouble to meet him. As for us, it will be horrible in the morning, and we don’t know what to do about Molly. Finding something hot for her to bed down with might be an idea. Floozey that she is.

Two in two weeks. Three in three months. Bluebell, Piper and now Glen. Thank you Donaldsons (again) for trying to grab a handful of life for him last week. Losing an oldie is something we never get used to. Nor should we. So goodnight my darling, it was a pleasure to have you with us. The sausage round was a sad affair tonight and it hurts.

Christ I loved you so much.

Honchos Hawk 27.10.2006 – 09.04.2018