Donate to Gemma
Gemma’s road to recovery has begun at Tia Rescue.Many people are asking how they can help and feel bemused, sad and angry. In less than 20 hrs Gemma’s post reached over 168.000 people.Thank you for sharing. We had over 9,210 positive reactions plus so many words of support. We had 4 negative responses, four people said Ha Ha. Let them 4 hang their heads in shame.
We intend keeping everybody updated with a blog on Gemma and her recovery, let’s get her strong and well then a forever home. She deserves that…
The facts are to help Gemma and all the Greyhounds at Tia Rescue we need cash, money. Our vet bills run into tens of thousands and we never stop caring. Please click the link and make a donation. better still set up a standing order for Gemma and all the Greyhounds care at Tia.
Here is a photo of her nipping for a wee in her new cozy fleece.

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Nice and snuggly in her new fleece