Shane slipped through our fingers yesterday surrounded by professionals making daft soppy noises. Smoothing his path to the bridge were some very old friends. Kenzie who has worshiped him for four years and also a previous love, our very own Becca. Becca knew him from the beginning at Moorside and now works for Donaldsons. He had more love around his bedside at the end than most humans.

Our thanks to Donaldsons who have taken care of him for years. They feel it too.

At Tia, our geese are not swans. On a track he was a stone cold killer, and much time has been spent watching videos of Shane, totally unrecognisable as the snoring lump down the end of the sponsor block.

He wasn’t bred to run, he was bred to fly. A brother was exported to Chile and Shane must have cost an eye-watering amount. He came to England with a Derby entry and dog men started to take note. Sidaz Scotty was the fastest dog of the year at Monmore and favourite for the Gymcrack. Shane slammed him on to the rails and his ante post backers started to look worried. Scotty was off the track for five months and never the same dog.

Next up Shaneboy Alley. A fellow Derby contender. Our boy was smart and attacked him after they crossed the line. The writing was on the wall. Watch what happens after the race. Trainers were starting to square up to each other.

Shane had lost interest in winning, his skills were now perfectly honed as a cage fighter. The victim, Black Jedamac, had the audacity to beat him to the line. Shane chased him for a further 50 yards and attempted to lift him out of the track and into the carpark. Calculated, brutal, blood chilling aggression and the forums exploded.

A selection of comments from the threads (still available) reveal a lot.

this dog does have a terrible kink but also has breathless speed in full flight

mike tyson would be counting his ears after a couple of rounds with this dog

the dog would have taken shaneboys head off if he wasn’t muzzled

It’s disgusting its still allowed on a dog track…dirty b…..d

you must be on drugs if you think this dog has done sweet fa

the dog is a raving screwball , yes the dog is fast

Shaneboy Alley was knocked over by third-placed Fridays Shane ten strides after the line and rolled around on the sand for what must have seemed an eternity to connections. Racing Post!

We get the final say!

Shane was returned to Ireland under a blanket to let the heat die down. When he re-emerged he wasn’t the same dog and came to us via the flapping track. An absolute gentlemen with his girls, he has never put a paw wrong and yet……….he has remained himself. Very much his own man and with something of the night inside. The quiet man in the pub, says nothing, yet you are careful not to knock his pint over.

We loved you Shane and will miss you.