News from Rafa’s foster home…

Rafa is a stunning boy, beautiful from tip to toe. He’s been with us for 2 weeks, coming directly from kennels into his first home environment. Apparently he’s an accomplished racer, but you’d never know as he is such a loving home boy.

He is clean in the house (no accidents so no training was required). He pee marks the garden bushes, just so that the local cats know who’s in residence, but always saves his ‘big jobs’ for walkies. Rafa is a real character- when he wants to go out he starts bringing us hints: shoes mostly but he even once brought me the car keys (he LOVES going in the car)! He has never been fed from the table so he doesn’t beg, but he is always hungry and any food left unattended is considered fair game, worktops are regularly scanned to see if we can be caught off guard. He has never damaged anything in the house, he has his own toys which he loves and sticks too. He doesn’t sleep on the sofas, even though he is welcome to and he can’t climb the stairs, but that’s fine for us as he sleeps at night contentedly on his own bed in the kitchen.

He walks perfectly on a loose lead so is a pleasure to take out, he hasn’t learnt to walk with us off-lead and will wander off in his own world. Recall is perfect when he wants to come back and totally hopeless when he’s distracted (most of the time) so he stays on the lead and everyone is happy. He is good in the company of other dogs, but needs supervision as he is still “complete” and can get easily excited which could lead him into trouble. We expect that when his tackle is off his exuberance will diminish. He loves to play with our grandchildren and is calm and gentle.

He is very affectionate, loves his cuddles and in my opinion will make a wonderfully rewarding family pet.