Rafa, now minus his “man jewels” is doing brilliantly, after only 2 weeks he is more calm and contented. Since I last reported, he has been left for a few hours with no problem. He sleeps alone in the kitchen, an occasional 5am moan has been “shushed” and he settles again until around 6am. He holds his toilet overnight and has had only one slip up in 6 weeks, after that I’ve been walking him before bed instead of just a garden pee and he’s never done it again.

With a controlled introduction, he is content in the company of other dogs at home and out on the lead, we never avoid other dogs so he gets used to the rules. He gets anxious and excited with little dogs who belt around yapping and going nuts, so we need to make the choices for him as to who he can be introduced to, that way he doesn’t make a wrong move. He doesn’t like anyone poking about around his todger, can’t blame him and he’s quick to say so!

He is a pleasure to take out, he walks beautifully at my side on a slack lead, just as long as he can sniff and pee, he is as happy as Larry.

After a couple of weeks of runny poop and trying various diet options, we found grain free kibble suits him best. He eats anything and everything. He still brings me shoes when he’s ready to go out. He likes to sit in the armchair, but still won’t get on the sofas, guess he’s just not into leather?!?!

He is thoroughly gorgeous, very affectionate, loves kisses and cuddles, he has settled right in at home.

We will miss him!