Breed: Greyhound
Sex: Female

About Me

Flotta is a 5 year old ex racer running 76 races and winning 9. She has been on foster with me since the end of March and it has been lovely watching her personality come out and her confidence grow.

She seems very adaptable to all changes and new experiences for her, from walking on a busy foot path to sitting in a car to travel and exciting new walks. Although in while in lockdown she has had some long walks 1-2 hours she is happy with 2 small ones a day Am and PM around 20mins. Then she mainly is happy to snooze the day away.

She has socialised in enclosed areas with friends and families dogs on more than one occasion and seems happy with and again more recently with family members in there gardens and has been fine with children. (Youngest seen here with 13yrs). It was lovely to watch her play and have a mad 5 minutes. Flotta has more recently stayed overnight at my partner and parents house and once again has been great, sleeping in her basket on on a rug.

She has been know to occasionally have a chew on something like a flip flop and not the toys that I have bought her but know on just aware and move things off the floor. She does like a chew stick and give her one if shes gonna be left along for a short time.

I always walk her on a lead unless enclosed areas and she in that situation she does come back once called, ( maybe not the first call).

She will lie down when asked, we mainly do this at meal times, if it’s for a treat she sometimes just gets a little to excited.

When walking I always say wait when crossing a road, although this is always on a lead and ongoing work.

I really will miss her company she is such a laid back dog, just goes with the flow.


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