We despaired of Loki recovering from his terrible ordeal. Three days on the run slap bang in fireworks season had shattered his nerves. No coaxing or treats could tempt him from the back of his pen and it looked like we had another sponsor dog in the making. Such a waste of a beautiful young dog.

Bronia and the team did a magnificent job in getting him through those early days and I thank everyone for going the extra mile with Loki. The fire had gone out in him though and Loki took little pleasure in the comings and goings of the kennels.

Then it happened!. The click click click of a new arrival coming past the pen and everything changed. Loki’s last trainer (who tore Yorkshire apart trying to find him) brought in his previous kennel mate and the violins began to play. Thunderbolt city! He almost bust his tail on the panels and the man cave era was over.

When a grey arrives at Tia we always try to find out as much as possible about it’s background. Sigyn and Loki have a bit of previous!. They raced under another trainer down south and had probably changed hands together when they came up North.


Please check out both of Loki’s videos, the rescue and his old girlfriend Sigyn. If they don’t move you in these awful times you might want to check your own pulse. As for us, there wasn’t a dry eye in the house.