The Ey Up 2020 team have spent the past couple of weekends standing in fields, in the rain, armed with a notepad, trundle wheel and a calculator, assessing available space, facilities, accessibility…the list goes on, but we’ve reached a decision, and we’re thrilled to be using…

Tia Rescue,

Mill Race Farm

Wroot Road




Those of you that visit us at Wroot Rocks may already be familiar with Tia as you pass it on the way into Wroot.

Let me tell you a little bit about Tia Rescue and the amazing work they do.

Tia Rescue was founded in 1996 – their mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home greyhounds and shire horses.

They have a dog-friendly cafe, which also serves dogie dinners as well as a range of lovely home-cooked meals for their people. Their breakfasts are legendary!

Admission to the centre is free if you fancy a stroll around the orchard and farm, let the kids feed the chickens and goats or play on the climbing frame, maybe take a greyhound for a walk.

There’s a charity shop onsite and sofas in the chill-out area next to the log burner. Not that we’ll need that, of course! You could even hire the dog paddock you want to let your dogs have a good run off the lead.

Their website is for more information.

We’ll be using the paddocks to the rear of the site, 20 acres in total so there’ll be plenty of room for us to spread out. We’ll have our own separate entrance so as not to disturb the regular visitors, but please do venture over to support them. And don’t blame us if you leave with a greyhound ? ?

Now we have the location sorted, we will be able to concentrate on putting the finishing touches to the line-up and getting the website up and running again. Hopefully, we won’t keep you all waiting for too much longer!

Fire away with your questions guys!