We are seeing a few straws in the wind regarding some trainers throwing in the towel.  One guy we have known for years, he has stoutly defended us from the day we started. He has stood between a freezer and a rival trainers dumped racer on countless occasions. If he quits the industry we will be honour bound to help him and that is what we will do. Payback time for Tia.
Understandably, we are getting our house in order. Should this happen, we would be hit with some thirty racers and that is just the start. No-one is advertising dogs for sale on Data, something we have never seen before.  What lunatic would buy them anyway? It is unrealistic to believe that all of these tracks will survive this crisis and thanks to our fantastic fosters, volunteers, staff and generous well-wishers we are in a fairly sound position to deal with this situation.
We still have too many in kennels Some of these should be getting a taste of their future lives and getting to grips with sofas, learning that eating the remote control is not a good way to endear yourself or that plate glass windows are more than a match when pursuing next doors cat!
Every kennel has a backlog of dogs that aren’t going anywhere. Velcro dogs is a name that is banded about, it’s true, overlooked through age perhaps or in Tia’s case too many to choose from. So it’s a special plea to our backroom supporters.  If you can help out for a few weeks by fostering these dogs, please give me a ring. It’ll push a few on towards their permanent families. Some of the overlooked are as follows.
Dot and Spot need to be out of here together. Stanton, Skye (not yet two) Mora who raced twice in one day and then got dumped and for pities sake could someone give Denahi, coming up 9yrs old, a chance, he has been here over two years. Arthur, Hubble and Kamil also heading for 2 years (although their prey drive is challenging) they still need a chance, over thirty to choose from.
Tia is looking to our previous adopters in this case or as we put it, the old and the bold, the backroom lot. Please give me a ring and we’ll go from there.