Breed: Greyhound
Sex: Male
Age: 4 years

About Me

Tommys Farmer born 23.8.14

Started his career at Swindon and then came up North. Derry astonished his trainer, owners and his ancestors one day by setting the fastest time of the year at Kinsley. Such stuff as dreams are made on, Derry blew it a few runs later with a classic example of “deliberate interference” blowing the race, the plan and his career into oblivion.

Been flapping!


Derry arrived at Tia Rescue just a couple of weeks ago, he had pressure sores to both his back legs, after lying in an air-conditioned kennel with lots of soft bedding his sores are healing. He is now looking for a forever sofa.
He will be 4 on Tuesday
Happy birthday Blue boy

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Call Deb on: 07974 960684
Visit us at: Tia Rescue, Mill Race Farm, Wroot Road, Doncaster DN9 3DY
Email us at: rehoming@tia-rescue.org

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Breed: GreyhoundSex: FemaleAge:  4years   About Me