A Tia of Joy
As it is a week since we brought Daisy home (we’re calling her Maisy) I thought I’d write to let you know how she is doing.

She has settled beautifully into family life. She loves people and quickly settles down in any room we are in together.

We have built her up from 5 minutes alone to leaving her for a couple of hours with no bother. She is also sleeping nicely alone downstairs. She is a joy on the lead and motivating us to look for new local walks. She loves attention from our children and they love her.

Everybody we meet says how beautiful she is. She is a little nervous of other breeds but is gaining in confidence every day.

We are thrilled to have her in our family. Thanks for matching us with her and all the hard work you and the others do to care for all the animals you have.

Best wishes