…….so we jabbed her with a Tia chip while her scumbag owner was still coming up the drive. If you had seen the state of Pandora you would have done it too.

It wasn’t the first time we quickly chipped a stray to Tia, nor was it to be the last. Striker who went back to the pound was found in a wood near Durham having been abandoned by lampers. Didi was discovered exhausted in a Kent field, six months after her overnight stay at Moorside, Didi was heavily in milk and her pups needed her so she had to go back to the backyard breeder. Both of them were in a terrible state when they re-surfaced but eventually became much loved members of their new families.

Curley and her daughter Little Minch are on their way home together. An earlier post sets out how Curley was found straying on the A1 in 2016 and rehomed, missing the arrival of her daughter, also a stray, by days. Little Minch was surprisingly claimed but we knew the inevitable result so we chipped her to us like the others.  When Minch did resurface four years later, she was fast tracked to safety within hours. Nobody puts a Tia dog in a corner.

Everyone is asking if they knew each other. Of course they did. Had we engaged our brain first we would have filmed it but the images speak volumes and we have a nice rosy feel inside today. Curley has been safe and loved for years and no doubt will play her part in settling her daughter to home life. Minch’s pressure sores, teeth and nails suggest she has lived in a shed all this time. Minch has had many puppies judging by her teats but no litters are registered. Perhaps she has been churning out lurchers. If any come through Tia, we won’t know they are hers, they won’t be tattooed. 

So let’s finish on happier thoughts. Tonight the two will be tucked up together, Curley’s head over her daughters back (if you know the breed) and Minch will have a better name. We would like to thank their family for making room for her, there couldn’t have been a better outcome. Enjoy your remaining years sweetheart, God knows you have earned a change of luck.

We love it when a plan comes together.