Once again we are in a better place because of our volunteers. Within forty-eight hours the back room girls and boys answered the call and a stream of the luckiest dogs in the world went down the drive. I have never been so happy to see the backsides of so many greyhounds.

I would like to update everyone about the ongoing situation. Tia has a skeleton staff at the kennels and I am personally in awe at their commitment. The shops have closed which is terrifying. It was gut wrenching laying people off but when you are in the same boat as McDonalds, Nandos, and Spoons, you know the proverbial has hit the fan.

Askern track closed on Friday and four dogs were promptly discarded after the last race. They are safe here now, but be in no doubt this crisis is seismic for the industry. Open racing will finish very soon and I suspect the graders wont be long after. Make no mistake many racers will be dumped. The pounds will be ringing soon. This is massive. When die hard old trainers are questioning if this is the end, you know it is serious.

We’ll keep you up to date regularly but for now you lot on your holidays……

Pippa, Rolo, Mocha, Indra, Karah and Peron…adopted

Currant, Jacqui, Faith, Shuna, Beasley, Duade, Audrey, Indra, Mac, Lona, Dot, Bernarray, Strudel, Jim, Samah, Yannika and Lorette, Ramble and Polly Pocket have gone together (holding hands)… best behaviour all of you. My eyes are on you! As for the rest, we have plenty more if anyone has room at the inn. We are constantly watching the food stocks.The only thing that stops a greyhound from eating is death and everyone is very much alive, thank you very much.

Gratitude isn’t enough but it is all I have for now. The strength Tia gains from its backstop of support is incalculable. We have survived break-ins, theft, pestilence, trolling, financial meltdown, litigation, physical attacks and plain wholesome exhaustion throughout the years. We haven’t fallen yet.

This I know, other rescues would give their right arm for you.

Thank you

Deb..and all at Tia