Breed: Greyhound
Sex: Male
Age: 9 years

About Me

Captain Cook  dob 26.3.10

Spent his life running around Belle Vue, 82 races and won 12 of the things. Age caught up with him and Colin trailed in behind the pack in his final four races and he then disappeared for six months. Tia had a “take him or else” phone call back in June 2014.  His charming owners then tried to dump him without parting with a promised (miserly) donation. Bob surprised everyone by bursting into action and sprinting down the lane at Moorside Farm. Those who know that state of that lane will applaud him. He caught them too. Usain Bolt would have been impressed.

Colin came in like some many do, in desperate need of a few pies and sporting a split web. There were a few attempts to re-home him and he finally cracked it with a wonderful home. Sadly the scars of the past re-emerged and Colin made it clear that he did not want to share the trampoline, bed, sofa or any part of his life with another dog.

We would like to thank his adopters for doing everything in their power to give him a future. Sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

Colin will spend the rest of his life here and maybe the years will ameliorate his past horrors and he will find some peace.

Let me tell you about Colin.

Colin had had a terrible life before joining Tia and although we knew he was a little affected, we wanted to give him a chance.
Colin made great progress in our home; he soon mastered the stairs and figured out where the bin was! However, Colin’s favourite pastime was roaching on the trampoline. We have traveled far and wide and for the most part, Colin was an ideal companion for our other hound. Sadly, Colin made it clear he no longer wanted to live with another dog which is why he’s made the journey back to our friends at Tia. We’ve enjoyed 18 months of life with Colin and thought he’d found his forever home. At least we know he’ll be loved just as much back at Tia as he was in our house.

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