Debra, good afternoon.
17 years ago your soon to be husband Bob rescued a tiny staffie/greyhound cross who had been abandoned and left to die. The Vet said “there is no hope; Bob said there’s something about this one, let’s give him a try”.  4 days later he came off a drip.  When we took him he had to be fed a dessert spoon of special meat every 2 hours for about 10 days, and he could curl up easily onto a medium sized dinner plate.  We called him Colin.  CTG
Colin grew into a very handsome beautiful large (he weighed 28kgs at peak) with lovely doeful brown eyes with the gentlest and friendliest character you could imagine.  He was a head turner, who smiled when pleased to see you and was an inveterate “leaner”.   All our family and friends loved him very much.
Today that gentle beautiful dog was put to sleep, and we thought you would want to know.   We know that 17 is a great age for a dog his size especially taking into account his start in life, and we are proud to have been able to give him that life.  He was, however, an integral member of the family, and we will miss him dreadfully.
CoCo our other Tia dog, now 14, will also miss him.  She is now blind and they were firm pals, with CoCo getting confidence from Colin whenever she got stressed.  I am sure for a while she will be very confused as to why he is not around.
At the end, everything was getting too much.  He was doubly incontinent; hardly able to stand or walk, and unable to clean himself whenever he had an accident.  To the end, however, he loved his food, chomping lumps of his favourite cheese in our kitchen while the sedative went in.  He slipped away peacefully, surrounded by his family on his favourite bedding.  A very nice dignified way to go.
A very sad day.
Kind regards, Graham and Vicky