Breed: Greyhound
Sex: Female
Age: 7 years

About Me

Clio has settled in fantastically.   She is clean in the house and lets us know if she needs to go out.  She gets on well with our two male greyhounds.
The first night here she softly whimpered at bedtime for a couple of minutes then settled down.  Never heard a peep from her until we got up at 8am.
Her manners are impeccable and there are no problems with begging for food when we eat.  Things on the worktop have also been safe.
She walks beautifully on lead and you hardly know she’s there.
She loves the car and jumps in and out on her own.  She travels very well and lays down calmly.
We took her to Skegness on Sunday.  She loved being on the beach and wanted to go down to the sea, which she’d clearly not seen before.  She wasn’t quite brave enough to paddle but it was very cold so I don’t blame her.
She saw dogs of all shapes and sizes there.  She looked at them but wasn’t really interested in them.  Even those running off the lead on the beach just got an I’m curious look, zero pulling or reaction.
We bought them all a small ice cream cone.  It is safe to say Clio LOVES ice cream.  Our Mansell lost his Champion Ice Cream Scoffer Crown to her.
Clio is a very loving and affectionate girl.  She loves her cuddles.
She has been absolutely perfect and we cannot fault her.  Someone is going to be very lucky to have her as a member of their family.


Icecream scoffer Clio on Foster she is in the middle
Took foster Clio and the boys to Skegness.
What a pleasure to take her. She behaved perfectly and nothing phased her.
She loved the sand and we had to go and investigate the sea.
There were dogs of all shapes and sizes plus some running off the lead on the beach. Clio looked but really wasn’t interested.
We had coffee and cake at dog-friendly Seafood Cafe opposite the Embassy Centre. There was a Yorkie on his Dad’s lap which Clio ignored.
Mansell has lost his crown as Champion Ice Cream Scoffer. It’s safe to say she likes ice cream

Absolute star.
Clio is 7 years old and is patiently waiting for her forever home with lots of love and cuddles.
Clio is quiet in kennels and very clean.
Very sweet natured and so calm when we took her out socialising.
Clio walks well on her lead.
Saw large dog on its lead- showed no interest.
As with all ex-racers, it is unclear if they have seen any other breeds of dogs other than greyhounds so she will need a careful close-up introduction to them.
Lay straight down in the back of the car and knew what was expected of her. Travels well. Because Clio is an older dog we found her to be a good influence on the younger male we took out with her.

Mottee Quevega dob 12.10.2010

Only thing we know about Clio is that she raced at Harolds Cross.

Neither the stadium nor Clio will be running in the future!

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