Koda [very poorly]
Connie was Tora

Breed: Mixed
Sex: female
Age: 6 years

About Me

Chloe is looking for her forever sofa. She is energetic and will happily go for long walks, but is also content to spend her day sleeping in patches of sunlight. Chloe walks well on lead after the initial excitement and knows basic commands (sit, down, stay) and a few tricks. She is very affectionate with people she knows. Chloe is happy to meet new people and once she has been given a moment to suss you out, you will have a friend for life. However, young children are too boisterous for Chloe, so she is looking for an adult only home.

Chloe is nervous around other dogs her size or larger, so would prefer to be an only dog. She is also not cat-friendly and will chase livestock if given the opportunity. Chloe travels well in the car and is perfectly housebroken. She loves her toys and knows not to play with anything that isn’t hers. She is also happy to be left alone in the house. her in July 2015 they said that she was 3 years old) and as I said on the phone with Deb, the main reason that we are looking to rehome her is that she is not child-friendly. She is not aggressive, but rather is nervous and fearful of children, and in general, prefers calm adults who are respectful of timid dogs. She is also reactive towards dogs her size or larger when on lead. My husband and I have been able to manage this and sometimes she is perfectly fine with dogs, but other times she reacts.

Apart from that, she is a lovely dog and will do very well in an adult only home where any introductions with other dogs are carefully managed. She is very comfortable with people she knows and very affectionate. Within minutes of meeting new people, she will be nuzzling them asking for fuss. She has lots of energy and will happily go on long walks (she has gone hillwalking with us multiple times), but is also content being a couch potato. She is spayed, up to date on her vaccinations and has no health problems. She also can be left alone for hours at a time, is not destructive in the home, and has never had a toilet accident.

Contact Tia Rescue about me

Call Deb on: 07974 960684
Visit us at: Tia Rescue, Mill Race Farm, Wroot Road, Doncaster DN9 3DY
Email us at: rehoming@tia-rescue.org

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Connie was Tora

Breed: GreyhoundSex: FemaleAge:  years   About Me