Adoption donation – READ ME FIRST!

Adoption donation – READ ME FIRST!

Adopting a greyhound or lurcher from Tia is the beginning of a long friendship with one of the kindest, gentlest, and quietest dog breeds you will ever find. (They are smart too: which one of you has to go to work to feed the dog….?) Greyhounds and lurchers make wonderful companions as anyone who has adopted one before will be only too keen to tell you… whether you want to know or not!

Adopting one of our dogs is a journey for both you and the dog, but you may not realise that your adoption donation will help all the other dogs here at Tia too.

Before you adopt your new companion, we will have cared for him or her, possibly for many months or even years. The dog will have had a check-up with a vet, they will have been neutered, ‘micro-chipped’, possibly had dental work and will definitely have had lots of feeds! This, of course, all costs money and your adoption donation goes some way to helping us meet these essential expenses which really are never-ending.

Sadly, for various reasons, not all our dogs can be rehomed: perhaps they have health or mobility issues or, occasionally, they are just too nervous to make adoption practical. This means that we will have to find the means to look after our ‘for-ever’ resident dogs for the rest of their lives. Of course, we just love to do that, and we try to make their lives interesting and varied as well as safe, but to do this means that we have to keep funds coming in.

So, when you make your adoption donation, you are not just giving a new home to your new family member, you are helping lots of other Tia dogs as well. Your donation will help pay for staff, vets, accommodation, food and even treats.

It is up to you to decide how much to donate, but we ask for a donation of at least £300 which will help to cover some of the costs of caring for your new dog before she or he decided to let you adopt them. As an animal rescue charity, Tia will be able to claim Gift Aid on your donation (if you are an eligible UK taxpayer) and this makes your donation go even further.

So, thank you from all the dogs and their staff here at Tia for making a home for one of our four-legged friends and for helping to look after all the other dogs both now and for the future. Every penny helps and we all deeply appreciate your kind donation.

The first load..

The first load left 3 weeks ago…Bob’s tractor and the new kennel partitions that were made eighteen months ago. We have had vans and wagons up and down the motorway since then. It’s all systems go. I will keep everyone updated…

Thanks Deb


End  of an era

End of an era

I think we have had a Charity shop in Halifax for around fifteen years and we have been in the one at Southgate for over ten years.  It has always been a decent shop, income wise. However come this April when everything goes up it will no longer be viable. We all know that everything is going up but they are even taking money off charities, all of us.

We used to get over half of our income from the shops which basically paid for the staff at the farm. It doesn’t take much working out that Tia is at the “End of an Era”….the whole model is having to change.

We have always had 100% rate relief on the shops but come April we will have to find 36%, as well as everything else. So yesterday the 28th January we closed our doors.

Thankyou to all our supporters/ donaters and shoppers over all these years. It is very sad.

But don’t worry, I have a plan. I am not giving up on these dogs, no matter what it takes, or where it takes us.


We currently have a number of hounds in foster homes and received an update on how Cecil is doing.

Cecil has spent 3 weeks in foster now and I’m pleased to say we have had no issues with him and he is adapting to home life wonderfully. Cecil is house trained and sleeps through the night and is ok to be left as long as he has something to keep him busy, we’ve gone for using a Kong or his favourite teddy (which he carries around the house with him). Cecil loves his lunchtime walks and enjoys going to the park and playing with a tennis ball. Hes friendly with other dogs, doesn’t pay them much attention but I wouldn’t recommend him being rehomed with a small fury or a cat, oh and he LOVES squirrels, he gets very excited around them :’) 
I’ve included some photos of him over the last week. His sleep troubles have stopped, he sleeps through the night now and hasn’t growled at us for a while, I’ve heard a few barks at Cali but nothing I am worried about. Cecil has a big personality; Hes very playful (already throwing his tedding around the room and making the squeaker squeak), he is very cuddly and chilled also. Hes such a fabulous dog. We’ve mastered the stairs fine and is happy jumping up and gets into the boot when he wants to. Hes fine with noises just isn’t too keen on the hoover. We tried crate training him but he was petrified of it, so we decided against it. Would maybe try again in a few weeks once he is settled and has a home routine.
Hes very inquisitive and active, which I think he would be suited to a more active family as he loves to be in the garden sniffing and investigating, but he isn’t hard work he has even started giving kisses. 
Welcome to Tia Logie!

Welcome to Tia Logie!

We have 22 dogs here for rehoming at the minute….obviously that doesn’t include the other 40, the sponsor dogs and the naughty dogs…
We don’t know a massive amount about them as they haven’t been here long…and funnily enough not 1 of them qualified for the £400 from the Greyhound Retirement Scheme…
Especially Logie….
Logie is only 12 months old, he came over from Ireland on Thursday..via a transporter…he has injured himself slightly and couldn’t begin his race career….thank fully the trainer sent him here…..and here is probably where he will stay. He is an absolute nervous wreck…the worst we have had in a long, long while…even worse than Mr Mole…

Welcome to Tia big puppy dog…

Matilda 01/04/2008 – 07/09/2020

It’s very sad but we had to say our goodbyes to Matilda on Monday evening, peacefully, with the help of a great vet and her humans at her side.

Osteosarcoma is nasty and aggressive and even Matilda with all her determination and stoicism could only fight it for a short time.

We miss our morning snuggles in her bed and all the different looks she gave when she wanted you to do something for her, “is that steak going spare?”, “I could do with a neck scratch”, the paw for more, the head nudge, the lean, the harrumph. We already miss her presence, the counterbalance she brought to a crazy world.

The gentlest of souls, but we all knew (especially Max our other greyhound) that she was the boss.

TIA’s Poster girl, calendar girl (twice), loved by everyone she met and protector and mentor of Max, who is a bit lost at the moment.

We are heartbroken, but not far underneath the grief is a smile and a glow of happiness, she lived 12 ½ years and 7 of those with us and 6 months loved and restored to health at TIA Rescue beforehand. She made her own luck by her trust and her determination to overcome her fears.

Her indomitable spirit will live within us and inspire us forever.

Rest in Peace sweetheart. Much loved and forever in our hearts.