The Sheffield 13 – 2 years on: Mr Mole

Todays Sheffield 13 video is dedicated to the last, but not least, member: Mr Mole.

I will never forget the day I got the call that all hands were needed at Tia. When I arrived some of the Sheffield 13 had already arrived and were having baths. What a sight they were. Never had I seen dogs in such a state before. Deb had to go back for some more; “Who’s coming?“ she said. Off I went with her to collect the others, not knowing the conditions that they were in. The allotment was like a rabbit warren. There were many turns and twists until we arrived at the junk yard that they called home. I can remember thinking how can dogs live here, where are the kennels? It was a mess!! The floor squelched under my feet and the smell was horrible, but in it were 3 dogs. I couldn’t see anything when Deb asked me to hold the end of the slip lead, she had managed to put it on Mr Mole. I stood there waiting while she put leads on the other two. My whole arm was shaking but it wasn’t me, it was Mr Mole shaking at the end of the lead. When he finally emerged from the darkness what a sight he was. Stood there those two eyes staring down, broken, so thin, shaking, tail between his legs and just messing everywhere.The tears filled my eyes. He followed the other two out of the allotments and we made our way to the van.

2 years later and he is still nervous but he loves life in the kennels with the others. The routine of the day helps him a lot. He knows what’s what. He loves his quilts and soft vet bed and I often wonder what he felt that first time he laid down on it. He absolutely loves the paddock and if the suns out you can see him enjoying the warm of the sun on his body as he will stand still. He melts my heart everyday when you call him and he wags his tail and comes running up to you, as it took him a while to even be near you in the beginning. His past is now behind him and he is very much loved here at Tia. Thank goodness Deb was able to help them all and all the many others before them,and many more after them.

Thank you to all our supporters that have helped over the years, you really do help us to help them.

The Sheffield 13 – 2 years on: Terence

Todays Sheffield 13 video is dedicated to the beautiful Terence. He is one of Mr Moles brothers.Terence can still be a bit nervous but he loves paddock time,cuddles and his favourite part of the day has to be whenever there’s food about. He knows when it’s feedtime and let’s everyone else know by barking and getting excited. He does enjoy his food. He is very much loved.

The Sheffield 13 – 2 years on: Eugiene

Today’s Sheffield 13 video is dedicated to the beautiful Eugiene. He was such a nervous dog all throughout his stay with us here. He loved paddock time and cuddles but you knew he’d never felt human touch a lot throughout his life. Sadly he’s no longer with us but he was very much loved and we remember him today. Bless you Eugiene.

The Sheffield 13 – 2 years on: Bungle

Today’s Sheffield 13 video is dedicated to one of the four brothers. Bungle can often be heard in the paddocks barking away. He loves running in the paddocks and feeling the sun on his skin. This is something that he hasn’t felt a lot during his life. He loves cuddles and he makes a chattering sound with his teeth to show you how much he enjoys it. His confidence has grown over the last 2 years,he is the most confident of the brothers and he is loved very much.