For Sale

Also for sale at the farm.

Vintage Avery weighing scales £200 and a canopy off a Nissan King Cab pickup.. please message or call in at the farm

Thanks Deb


For Sale

We have various things for sale at the farm including a shop counter and till point £100, an old tipping trailer £500, a topper £500, large boiler £100…please message me or ring the office for further details…Deb


Update on Hollie

Firstly i want to say that she is doing brilliantly. Thanks to Donaldson’s vets, as always and our lovely Becca who i am hoping is going to be a failed fosterer..

Secondly, you all know i don’t directly ask for money but on this occasion i needed to. ( I just hope no one fell for the scam emails ) The operation was around £1600 and thanks to everyone we raised just over £2000 for her. The rest of the money will go to her rehab when she has healed. Donaldson’s also have a rehabilitation centre.

So good news for this little princess….Hollie Arabella you are a lucky little girl.

Thanks again…..Deb and all at Tia…

Sponsor Horses

Please have a look at the horses sponsor page. I have eventually got around to getting some updates on. Jessie makes for awful reading and i hope that the lady who initially rang us sees this post. It was a very important phone call that she made…


This is the beautiful Hollie. She is a 13 month old pure saluki who for reasons only known to her she chose to jump out of a moving vehicle.

She has broken her pelvis and hip. She had surgery yesterday at Donaldson’s vets and is recovering well.

Our own lovely Becca is fostering her until she is fully recovered.

I don’t normally ask, but i am going to have to start with the way things are going.

Please if you can donate anything towards her vet bill, it will be massively appreciated, you can either donate via the website, or ring Donaldson’s vets direct…

Thank you…Deb

This is Hollie, post op…