Fundraising at Carlton Towers Jubilee Celebration

Join us on Sunday 5th June, from 10am to 4pm, at the Carlton Towers Jubilee Celebration Outdoor Market (DN14 9LZ between Selby and Goole).

Have a lovely day out with your Tia dogs and visit our stall. Dogs on leads welcome. Parking and entry are free this time.

Oh Terence


It was the end of March when this special boy fell ill. We knew he had Cushing’s but after a week in the vets we found out that it was the worst type. Adrenal. He has being doing really good up until yesterday when he stopped eating again. Best steak mince is the only thing he will eat at the moment. I don’t think he has long. My beautiful, gentle Terence. One of the Sheffield 13, Mr Mole and Bungles brother. We have lost so many horses and dogs lately, they certainly do not live long enough…

Brothers and sisters, I bid you beware, of giving your heart, to a dog to tear….



Welcome to Tia



I’m not gonna lie, the last 4 weeks have been really hard with just me and Bob doing everything but we are starting to get some really good regular volunteers.

This is a massive welcome to our new yard staff. Sadie in the middle is our new yard manager and we have Olivia and Ruby for the summer until they go back to college/university.

We also have two part time staff in the kennels, and yes I will pin you both down for a picture….massive welcome to Kay and Mary also.

Thanks everyone…Deb & Bob

Bungle, Terence & Andrea.

We have now managed to find some lovely volunteers and this is one of them, Andrea with Terence & Bungle. The boys are a bit overwhelmed with their new home but the ponies in the background are having a fabulous time. I can’t quite believe that all this belongs to the Charity..

We just need to hang on to it financially.

Thanks guys….Deb & Bob and all at Tia.