Bonfire Night

I hate this time of year, not for the lovely dark nights or signs of Autumn and hopefully the forthcoming winter snow, yeah i wish!! But for the bloody fireworks. Don’t get me wrong i love fireworks and bonfires but i don’t like what it does to the animals. I don’t like it one bit.

There is generally a casualty or two. Please don’t let it be yours. It doesn’t matter if they don’t go out or get their walk. It doesn’t matter if they pee in the house.

It does matter if they get out and get killed. Please, please be careful…Deb

Please note….we will be rehoming this coming weekend but then we are stopping rehoming until the middle of November..

Leah urgently needs a home – can you help?

Leah urgently needs a home – can you help?

UPDATE…..Leah has found a foster home….

We’re looking to help Leah, a 12-year old greyhound who through no fault of her own is looking for a new home. We really don’t want her to go into kennels. Please see her story below and if you can offer her a home please get in touch; contact Deb on 07974 960684. Let’s find her a loving home to see out her remaining days.


Leah is approx 12 yrs old, and spent 4 years with her previous owner. She’s chipped & spayed and is an ex-racer. She also seems to have been used as a breed bitch. She’s clearly had a hard life .

Her Dad passed away at the start of September and her Mum’s now in a care home. Despite trying their best the family are not able to look after her and have made the heartbreaking decision to find her a new home; they just want her to be happy and loved.

She’s had limited interaction with other dogs but has recently been socialising with 3 German Shepherds and a Mallinois. She wanders round with them, sniffs them & wags her tail… but has no concept of how to play with them or with toys. She will travel in a car but pants heavily when it’s moving. She’s quite nervy, hates loud noises and is not 100% on what stairs are (she has lived in a bungalow). She doesn’t bark but will let you know she wants to go out.

She absolutely loves Potters Malt with cod liver oil, cheese & chicken (and shows this with ‘teeth-chatters’). She’s really happy when she’s had a poo, she’s so pleased with herself. She is house trained but has the odd accident – she’s using puppy pads if she can’t make it outside.

The family have said:

One vet has said she has kidney failure but another tell me it’s very borderline & just to keep her on her Renal food diet (dry) & add a 1/4 boiled chicken breast or a bit of boiled fish to it. She’s odd with food, often doesn’t eat for a day or she’ll have a few mouthfuls then leaves it for a few hours.

She’s on 1 tablet a day for incontinence which works a treat, 1/2 tablet a day for excess protein in her urine (this should be short term I believe) & I have doggy paracetamol for her arthritis / hip displaysia if she needs it, currently on 1/2 tablet a day .

She has the sweetest nature,not a bad bone in her body & just wants to please you. She’s not to bothered about walkies, 1/2hr every couple of days suits her fine. When we visit friends with the German Shepherds she might have a bit of gallop in their huge garden & she’ll run at my side round the garden. Sadly she doesn’t respond to her name so I don’t let her off the lead when we do go out for a walk.


A change in circumstances at the time of life is so difficult for a dog, and moving into kennels after being in a home can really affect their physical and mental health. We really want to find her a loving home so please, if you can help get in touch; contact Deb on 07974 960684..

Athos… 3 years on.

Athos… 3 years on.

Just over 3 years ago, three little colts were rescued from a field in Doncaster. One had already died and these poor little mites were in such a state that we literally picked them up and put them in the trailer. They were in a shocking state..Athos, Porthos and Aramis….

This is Athos now….unbelievable and just brilliant…..


Sleep Tight Edie

Sleep Tight Edie

Sadly Eadie didn’t make it. Thanks to Donaldson’s vets as always for trying their very best.
She was just gone 4 years old. Montore Carmel, only races were in Ireland when she was allegedly rehomed “as a pet” in February.
Clearly she wasn’t because she ended up here.
She also didn’t qualify for the Greyhound Rehoming Scheme, but she did qualify to come to Tia and for that i am grateful that we got to spend 6 weeks with her.
Thanks to everyone for your support because if you didn’t support us there would be no trace of Edie, and the countless others that go through Independent Rescues.

Edie – she’s only 4…

Edie – she’s only 4…

This is Edie, she has just gone 4 yrs old. She is the vets as I type fighting for her life. She has had something go badly wrong with her back…she is too young and too beautiful to go yet.
She has only raced in Ireland and has only been in this country since February. She was given away at the track. Useless no doubt.
Come on Edie, you have lots to look forward to….
UPDATE: I have just been researching her history. Apparently she was rehomed as a pet. Lying bastards.
She is stable at Donaldson’s. Let’s hope she makes it through the night.

The farm and the shops.

Just an update.

The farm has now been sold, we are renting it back from the new owner so it gives us time to find somewhere suitable. We have been looking everywhere but as yet haven’t found the right spot.

The shops are suffering from staff shortages so some of them are on reduced days. Please look on the shop pages which we will try to keep updated.

So that is the short version. It has been a nightmare to be honest and it has made me realise that although the shops are our main source of income, they are absolutely of no use if we can’t staff them. We really need other ways to make money so in the next week or so we will be looking to employ a full time fundraiser.

Obviously we are keeping the shops and live in hope that when furlough ends we will be able to staff them up again.

Especial thanks to my friend Linda who has come back to open the Halifax shop three days a week and to Julia one of our best long term volunteers who will be opening the shop Thursday, Friday and Saturdays.

And we had 10 dogs in last week….cos there isn’t a problem with the Greyhound Retirement Scheme is there!!