Matilda 01/04/2008 – 07/09/2020

Matilda 01/04/2008 – 07/09/2020

It’s very sad but we had to say our goodbyes to Matilda on Monday evening, peacefully, with the help of a great vet and her humans at her side.

Osteosarcoma is nasty and aggressive and even Matilda with all her determination and stoicism could only fight it for a short time.

We miss our morning snuggles in her bed and all the different looks she gave when she wanted you to do something for her, “is that steak going spare?”, “I could do with a neck scratch”, the paw for more, the head nudge, the lean, the harrumph. We already miss her presence, the counterbalance she brought to a crazy world.

The gentlest of souls, but we all knew (especially Max our other greyhound) that she was the boss.

TIA’s Poster girl, calendar girl (twice), loved by everyone she met and protector and mentor of Max, who is a bit lost at the moment.

We are heartbroken, but not far underneath the grief is a smile and a glow of happiness, she lived 12 ½ years and 7 of those with us and 6 months loved and restored to health at TIA Rescue beforehand. She made her own luck by her trust and her determination to overcome her fears.

Her indomitable spirit will live within us and inspire us forever.

Rest in Peace sweetheart. Much loved and forever in our hearts.


Foster update: Rafford (‘Rafa’) – part two

Foster update: Rafford (‘Rafa’) – part two

Rafa, now minus his “man jewels” is doing brilliantly, after only 2 weeks he is more calm and contented. Since I last reported, he has been left for a few hours with no problem. He sleeps alone in the kitchen, an occasional 5am moan has been “shushed” and he settles again until around 6am. He holds his toilet overnight and has had only one slip up in 6 weeks, after that I’ve been walking him before bed instead of just a garden pee and he’s never done it again.

With a controlled introduction, he is content in the company of other dogs at home and out on the lead, we never avoid other dogs so he gets used to the rules. He gets anxious and excited with little dogs who belt around yapping and going nuts, so we need to make the choices for him as to who he can be introduced to, that way he doesn’t make a wrong move. He doesn’t like anyone poking about around his todger, can’t blame him and he’s quick to say so!

He is a pleasure to take out, he walks beautifully at my side on a slack lead, just as long as he can sniff and pee, he is as happy as Larry.

After a couple of weeks of runny poop and trying various diet options, we found grain free kibble suits him best. He eats anything and everything. He still brings me shoes when he’s ready to go out. He likes to sit in the armchair, but still won’t get on the sofas, guess he’s just not into leather?!?!

He is thoroughly gorgeous, very affectionate, loves kisses and cuddles, he has settled right in at home.

We will miss him!



Don’t bother getting in touch. He isn’t going anywhere for the moment. Glencoe is one of the most magnificent greyhounds to pass our threshold in a very long time. We keep going to check on him!  Just to see if he needs anything you understand. Like a sardine or a snog. A fresh blanket perhaps or his duvet straightened. At an official weight of 42kgs and no racing form we suspected he had been bred for the coursing industry and we were proved correct.
Winner of a major coursing prize in Ireland a few years ago, he was collected by the dog warden from a house in Bradford a few weeks ago.  We know he has been flapping. We know he is underweight. What we don’t know is how the hell he got into the clutches of a frankly notoriously uncaring owner.
…….but we are hell bent on finding out.
The Brothers

The Brothers

If a vision of Kate O’Mara has just flashed before your eyes, have a lie down. That was 1972!
We mean our brothers. Mr Mole, Terence, Bungle, and Eugene. Thanks everyone who has tried to break down their walls and made daft soothing soppy noises. As you can tell from Bronia’s video we are beginning to make some progress. All are happier by a country mile. It is too much to hope that all four will find their own homes and Mr Mole may not be an option. As for the rest of his family, it would be a waste not to try.
We are starting with Bungle and will keep you up to date with his progress.
‘Friday Shane’, RIP

‘Friday Shane’, RIP

Shane slipped through our fingers yesterday surrounded by professionals making daft soppy noises. Smoothing his path to the bridge were some very old friends. Kenzie who has worshiped him for four years and also a previous love, our very own Becca. Becca knew him from the beginning at Moorside and now works for Donaldsons. He had more love around his bedside at the end than most humans.

Our thanks to Donaldsons who have taken care of him for years. They feel it too.

At Tia, our geese are not swans. On a track he was a stone cold killer, and much time has been spent watching videos of Shane, totally unrecognisable as the snoring lump down the end of the sponsor block.

He wasn’t bred to run, he was bred to fly. A brother was exported to Chile and Shane must have cost an eye-watering amount. He came to England with a Derby entry and dog men started to take note. Sidaz Scotty was the fastest dog of the year at Monmore and favourite for the Gymcrack. Shane slammed him on to the rails and his ante post backers started to look worried. Scotty was off the track for five months and never the same dog.

Next up Shaneboy Alley. A fellow Derby contender. Our boy was smart and attacked him after they crossed the line. The writing was on the wall. Watch what happens after the race. Trainers were starting to square up to each other.

Shane had lost interest in winning, his skills were now perfectly honed as a cage fighter. The victim, Black Jedamac, had the audacity to beat him to the line. Shane chased him for a further 50 yards and attempted to lift him out of the track and into the carpark. Calculated, brutal, blood chilling aggression and the forums exploded.

A selection of comments from the threads (still available) reveal a lot.

this dog does have a terrible kink but also has breathless speed in full flight

mike tyson would be counting his ears after a couple of rounds with this dog

the dog would have taken shaneboys head off if he wasn’t muzzled

It’s disgusting its still allowed on a dog track…dirty b…..d

you must be on drugs if you think this dog has done sweet fa

the dog is a raving screwball , yes the dog is fast

Shaneboy Alley was knocked over by third-placed Fridays Shane ten strides after the line and rolled around on the sand for what must have seemed an eternity to connections. Racing Post!

We get the final say!

Shane was returned to Ireland under a blanket to let the heat die down. When he re-emerged he wasn’t the same dog and came to us via the flapping track. An absolute gentlemen with his girls, he has never put a paw wrong and yet……….he has remained himself. Very much his own man and with something of the night inside. The quiet man in the pub, says nothing, yet you are careful not to knock his pint over.

We loved you Shane and will miss you.