Elphin: Returning from foster

Elphin: Returning from foster

Elphin will soon be returning to Tia from foster with Katie, who has kindly written some information on Elphin for us:

Elphin is a beautiful softie of a hound and well behaved to boot! She has been with me since April and has gone from a slightly nervous start to lounging like a pro, scaling the stairs with ease and generally minding her manners while in the house and out and about. Initially I had her sleeping overnight in the kitchen which she settled into after about a week, but still woke up with the light, anxious for company. She now has the run of the house at night and chooses her spot, which means everyone gets a good night’s sleep. Sometimes she is on the landing to monitor the front door/ bedroom doors, sometimes curled up under my bed and often downstairs in her bed or the sofa. She is a pro snoozer, rarely wanting to go out until people are up- even if that is 10am! Her comfort with being left alone at night suggests she could be fine to be left at home with a bit of training, although of course she prefers to have company.

She’s fully house trained, had a few accidents at first but now fine. On the couple of occasions she needed to go out at night due to a dodgy stomach she woke me up to open the back door. She enjoys her walks and goes out for at least an hour or so a day, unless it’s raining when she turns up her nose and wants to go home. Tried her off the lead, recall is OK when she’s got nothing to distract her, but her high prey drive means she chases every pigeon/ squirrel/ loose plastic bag, so she’s only been off in enclosed spaces and I don’t think that would change. She’s fine with other dogs, although I have not let her loose while around smaller ones yet, as bit worried she might mistake them for prey. Definitely interested in cats and not to be trusted with them, but fine while on the lead and walks well, even with a feline silhouette on the horizon.

She’s very affectionate and likes to snuggle up on the sofa with her favourite humans/any human. Met a few children of various ages and has been gentle with them, I think she could be a good family hound. She’s certainly interested in food, especially human food and has pinched various things carelessly left within snout’s reach, but responds to being cautioned for this and can broadly be trusted as long as the pickings aren’t too easy. Overall, she is a fantastic, calm and very lovely hound, I’d love to keep her, but travel too much for my job to make it viable. She’s been a wonderful companion during lockdown and I am sure will make a wonderful companion beyond.



Here is the lovely Mo enjoying the cooler weather. She came to us just over four years ago…

I remember driving back to the farm from the stray kennel in Doncaster. We were coming through a built up area and she saw a small dog being walked on a lead at the roadside. She nearly went through the window on the back of the pick up. Great, another nutcase…

She did go out briefly once but didn’t get on with the other greyhounds in the house..

She has just gone 12yrs old …she started coughing a while ago and she has been diagnosed with an enlarged heart, massive in fact..She is on medication and fingers crossed we will have her a while yet.

She struggled in the hot weather but is enjoying chilling in the back yard. She lives quite happily in the garage with Mollie, Uriah and Lana..

She is a lovely old lady…bad habits aside….


Rehoming update: Torre

Rehoming update: Torre

Torre has been adopted by Helen and Paul, and they’ve provided us with an update on how she’s doing:

We just thought we’d drop you a quick mail to say how lovely Torre has been and how well she is settling in.

We both absolutely adore her and she has quickly become a member of our family, we are all extremely happy. Her spay wound is healing nicely and we are so looking forward to the stitches being removed on Wednesday so we can take on longer walks and introduce her to our local countryside.

Thank you so much to you and TIA rescue for such a wonderful dog.

Whisper – returning from foster

Whisper – returning from foster

Whisper is a friendly greyhound with a lovely temperament. She is very much a people dog and loves attention, she would make a great companion dog. She loves a belly rub and will paw your hand if you stop! We believe she would do well in a family setting as she seems quite happy around children but she does not seem to like other dogs. When we have encountered them on walks she cowers and retreats away from them.

She has become very accustomed to having us around all the time (due to lockdown!) and sometimes whimpers if one of us leaves the room or goes out. Because of this we believe she would do best in a home where someone is in the majority of the time, or she would make a great office dog as she is relaxed and quite happy to sleep providing you are close by. That being said, she may well adjust to being left alone over time.

Due to toilet accidents overnight we got a crate for Whisper to sleep in. She does still have the occasional accident even in her cage but these are now a rare occurrence and for the most part she is house trained. She seems to like her cage, going in easily at night and even sometimes taking herself off there in the day for a snooze – although she prefers the sofa for this pastime, especially if it has a blanket on it!

Whisper walks well on a lead, although not always in a straight line – she definitely follows her nose! We have not had an appropriate area to practise recall or let her off the lead but with training I believe she could master this. She would benefit from a household with a larger garden or enclosed outdoor space to practise this and also as she does like to run around and roll in the grass when given the chance. She does like to chase rabbits, as probably expected given her background. She does not seem a ball/fetch kinda gal but is partial to a soft toy, especially one with a squeak, although the squeak doesn’t last long – not necessarily a bad thing!

On the whole Whisper is very well behaved. We have taken her to a couple of (socially distanced) BBQ’s and we generally eat on the sofa and she has never tried to steal food, although she may like a sniff. She has chewed the odd shoe and a remote but this was in the early stages of our relationship when I believe she was just testing boundaries and everything was very new to her. Now she is more likely to be seen cuddling up to our shoes.

She has grown in confidence during her time with us and it has been lovely to see how she has changed. She now gets excited when we put our shoes on and pick up her lead to go on walks. She is becoming more playful by the day and is happy travelling in the car.

Look after your hounds in the hot weather

Look after your hounds in the hot weather

The temperature’s rising across the UK which means our hounds are a risk. Even in the low 20s (degrees C) greyhounds can overheat, and at an ambient temperature of 25 degrees C surfaces such as tarmac and concrete can reach temperatures of 52 degrees C which can burn paws. Here are our tips for looking after your hounds during the hot weather.

  • Walk your hound when it’s cooler; early in the morning or later in the evening;
  • Avoid strenuous games;
  • Ensure your hound has access to clean water at all times – add ice cubes to keep them cool;
  • Keep your hounds out of direct sunlight;
  • Have a paddling pool with cool water in your garden for your hound to play in;
  • Never leave your hound in a car, even with the windows down and in the shade;
  • You can keep your hound cool by dampening its coat, then placing a cool (not very cold) wet towel over it.
Open-air second-hand market @ Tia Rescue – 27th/28th June

Open-air second-hand market @ Tia Rescue – 27th/28th June

We have rescheduled the two day market for Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th June, 10am to 3pm. It will be held at Tia Rescue, Mill Race Farm, Wroot Road, Finningley DN9 3DY

We will have all socially distancing measures in place which will include a one way system with hand sanitising stations at the start and various points around the market stalls.

We are only able to accept cash payments on the day and the toilets will not be in use.

There will be absolutely loads of bargains from clothes to tools, electrics to kitchen items and so much more.

Any donations to be included into the sale will be gratefully accepted up until Tuesday 23rd June at the latest in order to allow them the 72 hours quarantine guidelines before going for sale.

We’d love to see you all there supporting us. Heres hoping for good weather and let’s make it a fab day for all!