With great sadness, the big lad Callahan was put to sleep this afternoon
He came to Tia Rescue 1 month ago. He began losing weight dramatically….the vets had a look and he had a massive tumour in his stomach.

Tia doesn’t want vacancies in this way though. Callaghan was 3 years old and had barely settled in. His death came as a shock despite the rapid weight and appetite loss. Let’s face it if a grey isn’t bloody eating something is horribly wrong. He was eased from this world by our vets (thanks Donaldsons) and if you believe in the rainbow bridge he will have to hang around for a bit until one of the Tia gang gets called up. He hadn’t found his family and had to make do with us. A bitter loss. We don’t understand and Uriah is giving us cause for concern.

Scart Duke bn15.09.2015
Too bloody young.