We have sold Mill Race Farm, although it’s in the early stages i am confident that it will go through. We are looking for Tia’s next and permanent home. When it is up and running me and Bob are going to take a step back, by that i mean have some days off. We can’t carry on doing 7 days a week, every week, every year.

I will be posting 25 stories, from the very start of Tia to where we are now. It will make some interesting reading i can assure you. The racing industry might not be too pleased but it is all factual information. I have lots to say and lots of data that is going to be published too.

When we bought Moorside we paid the mortgage off in 6 years and i am wanting to do this again so that Tia’s future is secure when we aren’t about…

So i am asking you to buy a brick or multiple bricks, they are £25 each and we will be publishing our progress weekly on the website.

Me and Bob are buying the first 100….£2500.

Lets do this …



To buy a brick please head to