Corrigan AKA Colin, Captain Cook bn 26.03.10

He had 84 races at Belle Vue and came to us as in a right state in June 2014. Bob showed a surprising pair of heels that day. Read Corrigan’s sponsor page, “a take him or else” ultimatum.

Shane, Friday’s Shane just a year younger came to Tia a few months after Corrigan. Racing’s bad boy. Blisteringly fast and fully worthy of the comment “seen friendlier pitbulls”. Rival trainers refused to risk their dogs against him. Marquess of Queensbury rules did not apply, Fridays Shane was and is still essentially a violent street fighter and more than one trainer quietly thanked us for removing him from striking distance.

Both were highly desirable because of their colour, but it was apparent early on that they wouldn’t be going anywhere.

Corrigan fell poorly early week and spent a couple of nights at the vets. He is back home all his results are clear and he is on the mend….but I have a niggling doubt. I am convinced he is on borrowed time.

Shane however has just been diagnosed with a tumour on his lung….we have fetched him home to spoil him. It won’t be long.

These 2 stunning boys would have been put down years ago if they had landed elsewhere. They would never have passed an assessment test or resisted a small furry. They have both remained true to themselves and sometimes one has to admire life’s misfits.

Their home is the sponsor block. Other oldies in the care home include, Simon 10, Tarzan 9, Boe 9 all right little b******. and all worthy contenders of the top dog spot vacated by Ross. Mo 9 and Molly 10 are wearing dresses too big for them and Harper is greyer than I am under the highlights.

The age grouping means that we may be in for a pasting. Part of life but we are bracing ourselves. Stay a while yet you two. We really are not ready for you to leave us.