What you don’t see when you come to Tia looking for a dog is the very long list of dogs i have waiting to come in. Yes you will come and fall in love with the pretty little girls, but when i say it is only boys that we are homing it is for a reason. A very important reason.

We have a lot of single boys here at Tia and if you take one of these boys i can fetch another dog and bitch into the kennels. So in fact you are not helping one, you are helping three…That makes a massive difference.

At the present time i have 15 boys and 4 girls waiting to come in. We have fetched 4 girls in this week and a lurcher boy.

We have dogs (boys ) in the vet room, in crates in the office and i have 9 over at the large dog kennel (house)..

There are 3 boys advertised on a greyhound site as i am typing this. Free to a Good Home….Like that is going to happen. Just pray he will keep them. He won’t..

The racing industry is still trying to convince everyone that all the greyhounds get retirement homes and live happily ever. All the track have homing schemes.

What an absolute loads of hogwash….the sooner we get this other kennel block up the better.

Still there isn’t a problem with greyhound racing. Is there?