Breed: Greyhound
Sex: Male
Age: 5 years

About Me

dob 20.4.13

Raced up until November last year, lately at Doncaster. Bower has been a very good racer in his time winning twelve of his races, four of them Open.

Absolutely no slouch, you have to be a contender to do that. Somewhere age and common sense caught up with him and he has been brought into Tia.

Welcome, Bower.So yesterday I had the pleasure of taking Bower to the beach. He was a little nervous about getting into the car, but once in he laid down and settled within minutes. Not a peep out of him the entire journey, he just slept. On arrival at the beach, he was excited about getting out of the car, but he didn’t rush or barge, he waited to be told to get out. As we walked there was no pulling, no leaping and no silliness at all really. He was interested in the different dogs, but again he was sensible. The only one he reacted to was a small white and tan JRT that passed very close by – he just spun his head round to look at it.
He enjoyed splashing through the water on the beach and being with the other hounds. Quiet as a mouse again all the way home and happy to recognise his surroundings on our return to Tia. In fact, he walked round to the kennel block happily and straight to his own kennel to greet his kennel mate, which made it easier for me to return him and broke my heart less than I expected. The only thing I was saddened by was that he had very little interest in strokes and cuddles, this big lad obviously hasn’t had the luxury of those in his past. I hope he finds his forever home soon and I would highly recommend him to anyone wanting a steady, gentlemen. Good luck Bower! ?


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