Bluebell slipped through our fingers in her sleep at some hour last night.

Absolutely typical of the old lady to behave at the end as she had through her life. Entirely on her own terms. For our part we would have loved to have held her paw as she closed her eyes, soothing her departure with soppy words but no way. There was no hint of her plan as she wolfed down the double sausage rations given to the sponsor dogs.  For her though it was the best way, because Bluebell had washed her hands of the human race long before she arrived at Tia, too many years ago to count.

Her history has been well documented, her mental health was pushed determinedly over the edge having witnessed the culling of her siblings. Bluebell considered us no better than vivisectionists and a decade of trying to change her opinion proved futile. Some of the things we have witnessed in rescue made us bow to her better judgment frankly. More plans were made for Bluebell during the move then the others put together. Who would transport her? How to unload her? Should she be sedated?  As it was the old girl nearly legged it and that would have been the end of it. A quiet thanks to the guy who helped us that day, long after the gates had closed for the night. I had to dig out the human first aid kit to deal with the bites!

We are leaving her page up for a few days as it seems so disloyal somehow to send it to the archive so soon. Not that she won’t be in good company in that Rainbow Bridge category, a glance at the list below will jog the memory of many supporters. The dates confirm the suspicion that some of us are getting old! We are bracing ourselves for Glen and God know’s how Molly will handle that.

Bluebell had more than her fair share of sponsors, many we met throughout the years. It is sad for them also and we can only attempt to express our gratitude for their dedication throughout her life and ask that they take a look at the younger sponsor dogs waiting in the wings. They need support also.

We would like to say goodbye to Bluebell with the words from her sponsor page that so many people have identified with throughout her stay with us.

Visitors to the kennel rarely notice her as she is usually tucked away somewhere quiet.

Lets leave her there shall we.

Goodnight darling, I finally got to hold you in my arms at last.

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Bluebell – January 2018