Any visitor to our kennels cannot fail to notice that our kennel block is divided into two sections. Beyond the rope is a no-go area to most. There you find the sponsor dogs, the elderly and frankly a growing number of dogs who are just not safe out in the wide world. As of this morning, we have 31 of these greyhounds, representing over a third of kennel capacity. Some are on our sponsor page but most just form part of an anonymous back catalogue which still needs love, care and feeding at regular intervals. Kennel staff tend to have their favourites as they are part of the family.

Visitors don’t see these if we can help it. Ross isn’t worth the risk. If Tia were the NHS our little family would be labelled bed-blockers among the cynical and suits. We are not into that. For some time Tia people have been working on a solution and thanks to them we are now within striking distance of making a dream come true.

It could not have been done without their help and here and we wish to voice our appreciation for their sore feet, head shaves, diets and coffee mornings. We thank those who have rattled, badgered and applied for grants. We also have come to know a fantastic young man who silences any moaners about the youth of today. Our Karen and Bev are running 100 km on the 14th July (hell’s teeth!) and Steve still has blisters from the Three Peaks last week. Tia thanks everyone for sponsoring our very own Tia Treasures. So do I.

Big schemes have big sums and there we needed fortune to smile on us. After a fairly rough year, well documented and rejoiced by those with questionable priorities, Tia has been blessed with news of two wonderful legacies. One from Support Adoption for Pets has already bequeathed £50K and more announcements will be made later regarding the other. I can hardly believe it.

It is difficult to overstate the importance of this development. Aside from providing a settled home for our own family, we will be better positioned to cope with the future influx of greyhounds that are undoubtedly heading our way as the racing industry becomes unstable. We have a waiting list of 30 ex-racers, the vet room is full and a lurcher is on its way as I write. It just takes one track in Yorkshire to topple and all the rescues will be swamped.

Thanks to your help we can now make a difference and make the phone call.

Ross, Snitch, Ruby and Deb Rothery thank each and every one of you.