Oh boy oh boy, she’s gorgeous! .We renamed her Gloria,  Gloria Greyhound (we pinched the name from another Tia hound) and it really suits her, she’s a proper princess.  After 2 days she had no more “accidents” 3 weeks later and she’s learned all the house rules,  is good around food and is such a funny character. Very wilful. We’re trying to teach her to play which just results in her doing massive zoomies of giddiness around the house whilst leaping on and off the sofas. She adores the sofa best when we are on it too. She’s a dog who loves cuddles and hugs us back but also the only greyhound we’ve ever had who barks when people come to the door. A greyhound guard dog, now there’s a novelty! She loves her food especially pigs ears and hates going out in rubbish weather. In fact, she runs off, plays dead,  goes stiff and refuses to get up! She still growls at her own reflection in the oven door, mirrors and glass doors but she’s slowly getting to understand all those greyhounds pose no risks!

We consider ourselves very lucky to have her. She makes us laugh and is much loved. Thank you again, Tia.
Lindsay and Andy Fairhurst