All of these dogs have 1 thing in common. All have been abandoned, some in worse states than others. All of the councils/vets/members of the public were happy that the dogs were coming here and that they would get all the veterinary treatment they would need.

Apart from Barnsley council, who to be honest have made absolute fools of themselves. The Dog Warden was stood at our gates for almost an hour tooting his horn and shouting at us as we were feeding the horses. When he wasn’t let in he celotaped the gates together saying that he was calling about a stolen dog and would return…

This was received the same evening;

As you know our dog warden has called out this afternoon to collect the dog that was found in the Barnsley area at the weekend.    Although you were aware of our request to return the dog to us,  as you have no legal basis on which to retain the dog, when the Dog Warden called at your premises this afternoon, you appear to have taken steps to prevent him going about his lawful duty.   You are also depriving the legal owner of the return of their pet.

Although you publish an emergency contact phone number, which should be in use in an Animal Boarding establishment – this phone number was not answered in the hour that our Dog Warden has been trying to collect the dog at your premises.  The premises were clearly manned at the time of the Dog Warden’s visit and a number of people were walking around the perimeter of the fence.

We will be returning to your premises tomorrow and expect to be given the dog that was found in the Barnsley area without further obstruction.  Although we have attempted to advise you of the law governing stray dogs, you have refused to speak to us and have put the phone down on 2 members of the Animal Health team this afternoon when we have tried to make arrangements in relation to this stray dog.  If the dog is not returned to us promptly tomorrow we will assume you have stolen the dog and will contact South Yorkshire Police to report this matter.   This matter has been very time consuming and we would hope that you will comply with our reasonable request to hand the dog back to us so it can be returned to its rightful owner.

I am copying in my colleagues in Doncaster Animal Health so they can consider whether this is appropriate behaviour from an animal boarding establishment.