Breed: Greyhound
Sex: Male
Age:  6 years

About Me

Farley Boy 26.4.13
190 races. Won 37 of them.

Baine has been here for quite a while and we would dearly like to see him settled in a home. Sweet boy, he knows Sheffield like the back of his paws.

We would dearly love to see this big lad go out to a home. Unfortunately he is a bit nervous about the world and needs someone to show him that the world isn’t scary really.

All these types know of life is how to jump in an out of a van, run like hell in between, then back to bed. He has been out on foster but needs a bit more one to one, frankly with a woman. He is scared stiff of men. Our sincere thanks to his foster mum who poured love all over him and spoiled him rotten.

Special home please


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