Ava. Positives
No aggression, not even food, temperament fantastic, with little ones, grown-up, other dogs.
Walks ok on lead, unless we cross a cat or squirrel.
Knows basic commands, sit, down, wait.
Incredibly gentle when receiving titbits and food fed by hand.
Totally house trained, cage trained.
Can be left alone for short periods of time.
Loves running and chasing with the dogs.
Recall is random.  I don’t think she will ever run away, but, she comes back when she is ready.
Wants to play with every dog she sees.
We love her lots, but, I don’t think I am full filling all her needs. I feel she needs another dog to live with, or and with more space to run around. A family much more active than we are.  We are sad??, but I want what’s best for Ava.
At 2 1/2 years old, she is a loving, lively girl, who I feel could be even happier with more activity in her life