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Ava is a beautiful blond lurcher with big paws, a waggy tail, and deep dark eyes.
She came so very close to dying and thanks to the endeavors, love, and determination of Tia Rescue she has a future. Further details of her plight and fight for life
When Ava came from the stray kennel 2 weeks ago it was clear that she wasn’t well. Two days later she was rushed up to Donaldson’s vets in Maple Street, it was coming out of both ends. They have a look parvo dogs… I have seen it all too often. After tests, it was confirmed that she has in fact contracted the dreaded parvovirus. It was Friday morning and the drug we needed couldn’t be got until Monday. It is very expensive and not generally stocked in many practices. I started ringing around. There was one shot at Friendly Animal Clinic and thanks to Zoe who got it into a taxi and off to the vets at Maple Street. There were 2 shots at Calder Vets in Dewsbury and thanks to Martin who collected them and got them to Maple Street. It took her a week and a whole lot of care, and a massive amount of money, but she is back home at Tia.
Thanks to everyone involved. Without the Tia family, it could have been a very different outcome….Deb