“We fostered the beautiful Tind for 5 weeks. She quickly settled into home life after a couple of nervous days to start with. She loves nothing more than snoozing in her bed and playing with squeaky toys. She loves meeting new people and munching  on apple and carrot. She mastered the stairs really quickly and a couple of commands eg “in your bed”. She likes to have a routine and knows when to go to bed at night – she happily slept in her bed on the landing after getting used to being on her own at  night.

She doesn’t need much exercise and was reluctant to walk for more than about 30mins a day, but hopefully this might improve with time once she is settled.

Although she’s happy to greet other medium/large dogs on a walk, she didn’t quite take to smaller dogs or neighbouring cats! She can pull on the lead if she sees any small furries but walks well otherwise and happily wears her muzzle and coat.

She’s a brilliant dog, full of affection and will make a great companion for someone. We really hope she finds her forever home soon”