It is a bit late perhaps – the calendar says its the 20th – but Tia always likes to say goodbye properly to those who are now waiting on the Rainbow Bridge. (God, I hope there is one)

Chester and Millie. They sure as hell are not on the bridge as their Dad had been camped out waiting for years. We miss you though, you great drooling, smelly, farting lumps.

Gabriella and Callaghan, Barely three years old and a huge shock. They deteriorated rapidly and slipped through our fingers.

The garage lot. We know that sooner rather than later we will lose them but it still hurts so much. Danni with his rotting feet, Lewis and Ross. It is a bit quieter without the last it has to be admitted. Don’t bite the angels will you, or you might end up somewhere hot! We miss the unarmed combat in the mornings.

Beauty, 31 year old shire and Ana, a gypsy cob who was too weak to make it. In fact too many gypsy cobs too mention. Foals too weak to stand, horrific neglect, some dying before we had time to name them. Also this week, Gentle Jack. His send off was filled with love.

More doves courtesy of the buzzard.

Finally on a lighter note, the old white van was put out of its misery. Any one unfortunate to suffer permanent injury from its dubious suspension will be pleased to hear that the ‘Chicken Run’ toys and the book “Kilted Yoga” were safely transferred to the new charabanc prior to the low loader arriving. We had a lump in our throats.

Her end was pain free.