Currant,  AKA Rafas Wee Lick. Raced at Kinsley for a brief period, was found straying in Barnsley 10 days ago in need of some serious feeding. At the height of her blessed short career Currant weighed 27kgs, whereas this morning she tripped the scales at barely 21.6kgs and let’s not forget this abandoned scrap has been eating for England for a good week.
We would like to thank the kennel where she has been kept safe for calling us and also all of you out there for your donations and concern. Angela, you are a star.
Quite simply we have no idea where she has been kept. If she has been bred from the litter wasn’t registered and frankly, her form was too dreadful for even Mr Micawber to discover a glimmer of potential. Currant was whelped in 2013. Where the hell has she been? Anyone?
Maybe the rehoming officer that she is registered to could enlighten us? Mark?