As usual, we are a bit late.
Thank you, to all our volunteers, staff, trustees, sponsors, accountants, webpage people, Donaldsons, farriers, lottery participators, photographers, supporters, carrot suppliers, Facebook likers, Easyfundraiser clickers, Amazon charity nominators, pickerupfromtrainers/pounds/vets/anywhere really. Charity shoppers, dog walkers, Saturday girls, tipperoffers of dogs in peril, Ebay managers, Dog pounds, poo baggers, those who let us know how their dogs are doing, Trudy, watchers of forums (once was enough), any business that gives us a discount, Fosters, Reiki practioners, tin rattlers, will bequesters, annual coffee morning fundraisers, calendar buyers, envelope stuffers, animal feed stores who made sure there was enough for Tia put by (special thanks) and last but by no means least, the backroom boys and girls. Anyone in fact who comes to our aid, helps out or spreads the word.
The list is woefully incomplete. Some words don’t even exist! Every gesture keeps Tia on the road. The calendar going out with a sponsor flyer raised an extra 65 sponsors in the past month. Fantastic result. We also raised £4580 on the 2 hampers. Astounding successes and a special thank you to the long suffering team who pulled it all together hours before the deadline. I really put you through it, this year.
Tia is still here after this god awful year thanks to your incredible generosity. Four tracks closed this year and the breeding numbers have fallen off a cliff. There are many straws in the wind regarding a few trainers. We will be ready.
We simply couldn’t continue without your help.
Thank you.
Deb, Bob and everything that breathes a little easier because you have our backs.